Contemporary Architectural Stained Glass Artist
Information on work and artist

Originally studying at Goldsmiths College, London, I come from a training in Fine Art My fascination with colour and light led me towards working with glass and in 1993 I started postgraduate studies in Architectural Stained Glass at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design.
During the following 4 years I developed various ways of working with glass that help maximize the potential for texture, light change and range of palette found within this beautiful media.

In 1997 I won the Chase Charity Award for M.A. students in Glass in the Southern Region. Since then, I have continued to develop my approach to glass, and, as well as the public works and exhibitions that I have been involved in, I have produced a large range of private commissions.

My approach to glass is contemporary and I use only the very best range of glasses appropriate to each commission.
My technical range is broad and I can incorporate blasting, etching, enamelling, plating, slumping and fusing. This breadth gives me the freedom to realize exact visual qualities required in my approach.

I enjoy working with clients to design individual pieces that suit particular architectural settings.

My personal work often has ongoing themes that concern light, energy and energy transformation. My recent themes center on the vessel shape which echoes ideas relating to “holding” and containing light.

My work has been purchased for various collections and can be found in some public places.

Most recently, (2008) Clare Hall, Cambridge commissioned a panel for the Clare Hall Gallery entrance and Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge purchased a panel for their new library foyer. (Installed 2008)

Cambridge Regional College commissioned "Passing Place" in 1997. This large work (2mtrs x2mtrs) installed in the main mall of the college

In 2003 Clare Hall, Cambridge University, purchased "Desert 1" and "Desert 2"

In 1995 Margaret Buck, Head of Central St. Martins has purchased 2 panels “Fenscape” and “Vanishing Boundaries” for the College’s Archival Collection. The Rector of the London Institute purchased a panel “Out of the Blue” for the London Institute Collection.

My work “My Blue Heaven” (1996) features in the New Holland publication by Lorraine Wriggly “ Contemporary Crafts: Stained Glass”

All my work is constructed for permanent durability and safety.

The following statement is made in accordance with UK copyright laws, and all international conventions, such as, the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works as well as the agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), which form part of the World Trade Agreement (WTO)

The copyright of all artwork (including and as well as all work not currently shown on this website) created by the artist, including designs, architectural panels, objects, sculptures, paintings, photographs, digital designs etc is the sole property of the artist, Clare Sinclair. All such work, whether carried out by the artist in the past, present or future may not be reproduced, copied, published, adapted or distributed in any medium without the specific written consent of Clare Sinclair.


Postgraduate Diploma. Fine Art.
Specialism: Architectural Stained Glass.
Central St. Martins College of Art and Design.
M.A. Fine Art. Theoretical module. C.S.M.
B.ed. Hons. Specialisms: Painting, History of Art. Goldsmiths College
1997 Winner of Chase Charity Award for M.A. students in Stained Glass and Transparent Media (Southern Region)
The value of completed work to the community at large.
Originality in the use of the medium.
The aesthetic quality of the work.
Panel of judges: Head of Central St. Martins, Dean of School, Head of Stained Glass, Chase Charity representative.
2001 Awarded Honorary Lecturer (Fine Art) for Anglia Polytechnic University.
2008 Clare Hall Gallery Entrance. Site specific commissioned by the Clare Hall Art Committee
2008 Lucy Cavendish College new library foyer hanging panel “Abundance” purchased by the Lucy Cavendish Art Committee
2003 Clare Hall (Cambridge University) meetings room window space. "Desert 1", "Desert 2" (glass)
1999 Designs commissioned for Millennium stained glass work for
St. Mary's, Wendens Ambo.
1998 "Passing Place" Stained Glass commission celebrating the opening of new buildings at Kings Hedges, C.R.C. Cambridge.
1997 Short-listed with 5 other internationally known artists and awarded second place for designs for lottery funded public commission for
St Mary's in the Castle Arts Centre glass commission.
1995 London Institute Collection. "Out of the Blue"
1995 Central St. Martin's Archival Collection. "Fenscape",
"Vanishing Boundaries"
Public Work:
Solo Exhibitions
2007 Clare Hall Gallery: “Contemporary Glass inspired by Ancient wisdom” 12 glass panels and 24 paintings based on the Book of Changes
1997 Cochrane Theatre Gallery - Stained Glass.
1998 Fine Art Gallery for M.A. Students. C.S.M.
" Practicing the Form" Paintings and Glass work.
December: Inaugural opening and exhibition of public commission "Passing Place" at Cambridge Regional College.
Group Exhibitions:
2005 Open Studios
2003 May: Clare Hall. Cambridge University.
2001 June: Open Space Gallery at C.R.C. Cambridge.
Exhibition of digital imaged designs.
Theme: "Statement of Life"
July: Open Studios with the Contemporary Practice Group.
2000 November: Global Cafe Gallery. Soho, London.
Group Exhibition:
"Six Across, Four Down". Mixed Media show. Glass panels.
July: Curated and showed with the "Contemporary Practice Group" at Open Space Gallery, Cambridge. Showed 8 glass panels.
1999 Summer Show: Wiseman Gallery, Oxford - mixed media
paintings with fired and enamelled glass.

1997 Easter: Exhibition at Hastings Central Libraryof short-listed
artists designs for Public Commission for new arts centre
September: M.A. Show, C.S.M. Charing Cross Rd. London.
1996 " 100 Years of Art and Design" Archival Collection of C.S.M
in the Foyer Gallery, C.S.M Southampton Row, London.
1995 June: Stained Glass Group Show, Cochrane Theatre Gallery,
August: Show of the London Institute Collection at the Davies St. Gallery, London.